Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick & Healthy Snack Alternatives

A good rule of thumb when trying to create a healthy snack is to pair whole grains with fruit or vegetables, preferably fresh varieties. You can also include some protein such as unsalted, natural nuts or reduced-fat cheese when possible and appropriate. Below, we provide some quick and healthy snack alternatives to some of the more common, less-healthy products. These are also healthy lunch suggestions.

Instead of . . .                 Try . . .

Goldfish Crackers            Whole wheat/whole grain, low-fat crackers
                                             (e.g. Triscuits, Rye Krisps, WASA Bread)
Pop Tarts                           Un- or lightly-salted whole grain rice cakes
Chips                                  Fresh vegetables
                                        (e.g. baby carrots, snap peas, mini tomatoes)
Muffins/Mini muffins    Whole wheat miniature bagels or bagel thins
Animal Crackers               Fresh fruit
                                        (e.g. grapes, apple, berries, banana, orange)
Granola bar                        Unsalted, natural nuts and raisins
Trail mix                             Homemade trail mix
                                              (e.g. whole grain dry cereals, raisins, nuts)
Fruit snacks                        Freeze-dried fruit
Fruit roll-up                        Freeze-dried vegetables

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